• University of Chitral's Department of English unveils “Department of English Students Support Fund” in Inauguration Ceremony

    Chitral, October 24, 2023 – The Department of English at the University of Chitral reached a significant milestone on October 24, 2023, as it officially introduced the Department of English Students Support Fund during a grand inaugural ceremony held at the Main Hall of the University.

    This philanthropic initiative, spearheaded by the Department of English, aspires to create pathways to education for talented yet financially underprivileged students from Chitral. The primary goal of the Department of English Students Support Fund is to empower these promising individuals, offering them the means to access high-quality education within the Department of English Language and Literature at the University of Chitral.

    The launch of this fund underscores the university's unwavering dedication to facilitating accessible education and eliminating financial barriers for deserving students. The Department of English has taken the lead, with plans to extend the program to include other departments within the university soon.

    The inauguration ceremony drew a remarkable turnout, with faculty members and a multitude of enthusiastic students gracing the event with their presence. The occasion was also marked by the formal announcement of the Management Cabinet responsible for overseeing the scholarship program, ensuring its efficient and equitable operation.

    This noble initiative by the University of Chitral, Department of English, represents a profound commitment to education and inclusivity, striving to transform lives and provide opportunities for deserving students who aspire to excel in the Department of English and beyond.