• Vision :

    Generate and Disseminate Knowledge

    The vision of the University is to serve society by nurturing the students with a delicate intellectual, cultural, ethical, and humane sensitivity through a pleasant blend of ancient and modern wisdom; to foster a scientific temper, and to promote professional and technological expertise. Pivotal to this vision is a commitment to contributing in local, national, and international socio-economic development, concomitantly adhering to the local social ethics, cultural ideals, and regional traditions.


    Mission :

    To :

    §  achieve distinction in teaching and research,

    §  generate, disseminate and preserve knowledge,

    §  meet the challenges of the modern society through informed social outreach,

    §  empower through knowledge and information,

    §  build up a responsible and dynamic citizenry,

    §  expand, improve, and advance the quality of human resources,

    §  contribute in building a just, responsible and dynamic society,

    §  develop moral and ethical values,

    §  meet contemporary local and national demands and anticipate future social and economic objectives &

    §  preserve and promote cultural traditions, humanistic and spiritual values.


    Core Purpose :

    To provide students with life transforming, edifying experiences that prepare them  become knowledgeable, ethical and productive citizens.