• Participation of the University of Chitral in the 21-day National Faculty Development Programme

    The National Academy of Higher Education (#NAHE), in collaboration with #HEC, successfully concluded the National Faculty Development Program (#NDFP) for newly inducted faculty members from HEIs in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa at HEC Regional Centre Peshawar. Twenty-two (22) faculty members from the different universities participated. The University of Chitral nominated Dr. Safid Khan Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, and Dr. Faisal Mahmood Lecturer, Department of Islamic Studies.

    NDFP aims to equip faculty with essential strategies and tools for overcoming learner challenges and fostering critical thinking & practical skills. The program is designed to strongly emphasize creating impactful learning interventions for lasting effects on students and the professional growth of the faculty.

    The program entailed diverse sessions covering Effective Teaching and learning, Technology in the classroom, Learning Management systems, Grant Writing, Publishing Research, Personal and Professional Development, and more.  On the last day of the program, the participants were briefed about  the HEC Harassment rules and the NAHE Director-Manager gave a summary of all the sessions at the end certificates were distributed among the participants.