• Join the Essay Competition to Stand in Solidarity with Kashmir!

    In the face of challenges experienced in Kashmir, where the struggle for freedom persists under the current rule, the indomitable spirit of liberation endures. The occupation may pose difficulties, but it has not shattered their resolve.

    Every year, on February 5, Pakistan observes Kashmir Solidarity Day to express unwavering support for our Kashmiri friends in their pursuit of self-determination. It is a day to stand together, acknowledging the struggles faced and emphasizing the importance of their right to determine their future.

    In light of this, we invite you to participate in the Essay Competition as a tangible way to contribute to the cause. Share your thoughts, insights, and perspectives on the challenges faced by the people of Kashmir and how we can collectively work towards a future that upholds the principles of freedom and self-determination.

    Let your words become a beacon of solidarity, echoing the support for those facing adversity. Together, let us amplify the voices of the Kashmiri people and foster awareness about their quest for self-determination.


    Details of the Essay Competition:


    Theme: Solidarity with Kashmir: Upholding the Right to Self-Determination

    Submission Deadline: February 3, 2024

    Words Limit: 500-600

    Participants: University of Chitral and Affiliated Colleges Students

    Plagirism Free

    Certificates will be awarded to the winners

    Language: English and Urdu

    Send your essay (English) to kifayat@uoch.edu.pk and your Urdu Essay to sahibkhan@uoch.edu.pk


    Thank you for joining us in this vital endeavour.