• Chitral, November 7, 2023 - A thrilling Polo Match took place at the Chitral Scouts Polo Ground, bringing together the University of Chitral and Chitral Scouts in a display of sportsmanship.

    The Chief Guest of the event was Prof. Dr. Zahir Shah, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Chitral. Major Saad, Major Sultan, Captain Ali, and Captain Shahzad were also among the distinguished attendees, adding to the prestige of the occasion. The Project Director of the University of Chitral Engineer Ziaullah and the Assistant Director of Sports Mr.Mustafa Kamal were also present at the occasion.

    In the Polo Match, the University of Chitral team, led by Mr. Shakeel Hussain, the Public Relations Officer of the University of Chitral, faced off against the Chitral Scouts team, captained by Captain Shahzad. It was a closely contested match, with the University of Chitral emerging victorious with a final score 5/7.

    In addition to the Polo Match, a spirited Football Match was also held between the University of Chitral team and the Chitral Scouts team, further fostering the spirit of sportsmanship and cooperation.

    The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Zahir Shah, extended his heartfelt congratulations to the University of Chitral Polo Team for their remarkable victory. He applauded the sportsmanship and dedication displayed by both teams in the matches, emphasizing the importance of such events in promoting unity and a healthy competitive spirit within the community.

    The friendly matches between the University of Chitral and Chitral Scouts were not only a celebration of athleticism but also a testament to the strong bond between the academic institution and the Chitral Scouts who have been instrumental in maintaining peace in the area. Such events continue to promote the values of teamwork, discipline, and friendly competition among the participants.