T e n d e r N o. UoCh/Proc/01/2018

Sealed tenders/ bids are invited from the firms/printing press, registered with Sales Tax and Income Tax Departments, having at least three years of supplying printing material to government organizations, for following Tender based on Single Stage (Two Envelope Procedure).

Tender No Tender Name Quantity Closing Time and Date Opening Time and Date
UoCh/Proc/01/2018 Printing of Answer Sheets and continuation Sheets 12 Pages 50,000 Answer Sheets and 4 pages 60,000 Continuation sheets 2nd May, 2018 at 11 a.m. 2nd May 2018 at 12 p.m.


  • Tenders documents downloadable from uoch.edu.pk along with Rs. 1000 tender fee (Non Refundable) and Bid security, 5%, in the favor of Project Director UoCh, of the total cost and is required to be submitted along with the Financial Bid, without which the offer shall be rejected.
  • Bids without supporting documents, undertaking, valid documentary evidence, and bids not conforming to terms and conditions given in the Tender Document will be liable for rejection.
    No supporting document will be accepted, at all, after opening of the Bids.

The detailed specifications of the answer sheets/continuation sheets along with tender documents are available at http://uoch.edu.pk/index.php/downloads/


Convener Procurement Committee

University of Chitral, Seenlasht Chitral