Directorate of ORIC University of Chitral organized a one-day National seminar with the theme “INTEGRITY, SUSTAINABILITY AND FUTURE PROSPECTIVE OF OLIVE IN PAKISTAN” in collaboration with Pakistan oilseed Department. Prof. Dr. Zahir Shah, Vice-Chancellor University of Chitral was Chief Guest of the program. Dr. Roman, Deputy Director ORIC was also present on the occasion. After recitation of verses from the Holy Quran, Dr. Khair Muhammad, Managing Director, Pakistan Oilseed Department welcomed the guests. He said that Olive plantation is growing at a fast pace in Pakistan. Environmental conditions in Pakistan are favorable for Olive plantation. Chitral is one of the few districts in KP which has the potential to become a hub of olive plantation. He also announced internship program for Botany students of the University of Chitral in Pakistan Oilseed Department.

Eminent Scientists from different provinces of Pakistan presented their research papers on Olive plantation in Pakistan. Dr. Muhammad Ramzan Anser, Agronomist, Centre of Excellence for Olive Research and Training Barani Agriculture Research institute Chakwal presented his research paper on integrated Olive promotion and value chain development model in Pakistan. He said that his department is working for the promotion and value chain development of Olive in Pakistan.

A detailed presentation was given by Mr. Inam Ul Haq, Project Incharge Balochistan component on the current scenario of Olive cultivation in Baluchistan province.

Dr. Syed Asghar, Project Incharge ARI Tarnab Peshawar, shared history and current status of olive cultivation in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with the audience. He mentioned that 30 acres of land has also been cultivated to Olive in Chitral.

Dr. Muhammad Azhar Iqbal, Horticulturist, Centre of Excellence for Olive Research and Training Barani Agriculture Research Institute Chakwal presented his paper on successful Olive cultivation in relation to varietal selection and production technology in Pothwar  Agro-climatic conditions of Pakistan.

Mr. Nadeem Sadiq, Director General, Balochistan Agriculture Research Institute presented his research paper on Sustainability and future prospects of Olive cultivation in Balochistan.

Dr. Azmat Ali Awan, Deputy National Project Director Pakistan Oilseed Department gave a detailed presentation on Olive sector in Pakistan.

Students, faculty members, representatives from forest department, Agriculture Research Station Chitral, Agriculture Extension Department Chitral, and Soil Conservation Department Chitral also participated in the conference.

In his concluding remarks, Vice-Chancellor University of Chitral Prof. Dr. Zahir Shah said that he wants to see the barren land of Chitral covered with Olive plants. He said that Chitral environment is very conducive for olive cultivation. Soil conditions in Chitral are also favorable for olive plantation. He further said the Olive oil is useful for treatment of various diseases like cancer and heart. At the end of the program, the Vice-Chancellor thanked the guests for their participation and precious time. He also distributed shields and certificates among the participants. The Vice-Chancellor announced to allocated ten acres of Land for Olive plantation and for establishment of Botanical garden with the support of Oilseed Department


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