Second Academic Council meeting of University of Chitral

Approval to start MPhil programs in various disciplines

The second Academic council meeting of the University of Chitral was held on 16 November 2022 in the conference hall of the University of Chitral. In the beginning, the Vice-Chancellor informed the members about the ongoing development works in the university. The meeting was chaired by the  Vice Chancellor Prof Dr. Zahir Shah and was attended by the Heads of All Departments of the University of Chitral. Members of the Academic Council from Upper and Lower Chitral also participated in the meeting. Apart from the approval to start MPhil programs in various departments of the university, proposals were made regarding M.Phil Regulation, Examination Policy, Admission Policy, Semester Rules, and the launch of various new degree programs. The Academic Council approved all the recommendations in the end.

The Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Zahir Shah thanked all the members and expressed the hope that every member will contribute to the academic development of the university in the future as well.

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