Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC), is working to enhance and retain quality education by keeping the standards of the Higher Education Commission (HEC). For this purpose, HEC has provided different indicators to universities in order to meet the standards. To fulfill the standards, different surveys have been conducted in the university, which is given as under;

1. First-year Experience

How well the students are being settled into the University of Chitral, the effectiveness of courses evaluation, teacher-student relation, and adequacy of physical resources.

2. Teacher to Teacher Evaluation

An evaluation of each course instructor is to be done on a regular basis, to rate their performances and effectiveness inside a campus.

3. Faculty Survey

The prime purpose of this survey is to assess faculty members’ satisfaction level and the effectiveness of programs in place to help them progress and excel in their profession.

4. Student-Teacher Survey

How well the instructor of each course have performed during his/her last semester with the set goals and objectives.

5. Course Evaluation Survey

This tool is designed to improve the course structure.

6. Graduating Students

This tool is designed to measure, excess and identify prime contributing importance of students’ academic experiences during their academic life in UOCH. It assesses students’ satisfaction and aims to support strategic planning and decision making for further improvement of departments and service provided.