Mr. Javeed Farooqi, Lecturer in Zoology published a research paper

Mr. Javeed Farooqi, Lecturer in Zoology, has contributed for Science. Science is the best multidisciplinary journal of the world positioned at 1st among 4145 journals of the world in HJRS ranking with impact factor 42. The research team contributing for the article consists of Dr. Daniel Jablonski, Department of Zoology, Comenius University in Bratislava, Bratislava, Slovakia; Dr. Rafaqat Masroor, Zoological Science Division, Pakistan Museum of Natural History, Islamabad, Pakistan; Dr. Wolfgang Böhme Department of Vertebrata, Zoological Research Museum Alexander  Koenig, Bonn, Germany; Mr. Abdul Basit, Wildlife Conservation Society, Kabul, Afghanistan and Mr. Javeed Farooqi, Department of Zoology , University of Chitral. Their contribution is published today. They have highlighted the issues related to biodiversity research in Afghanistan. 

Dr. Jablonski, Dr. Masroor and Dr. Bohme has been tremendously contributing to international journals regarding the biodiversity, ecology and taxonomy of the world. Mr. Basit has been alumni of University of Chitral and a research student of Mr. Farooqi.

The link of the article: 

Biodiversity research in a changing Afghanistan

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