Hindukush Institute of Languages and Linguistics Studies


The HILL, University of Chitral is a teaching, training, research and publication institution. It is situated in Chitral valley, the most diverse region of Pakistan in terms of the languages and cultures found. The main objective of HILL is the promotion and depiction of the social and cultural life of the language communities of Chitral and to preserve and promote their mother tongues.  The Institute attracts scholars and researchers from all over the world who have worked and are still working on all aspects of the life of the Chitral.

Our Goals

  • To build the capacity of language researchers in language documentation through workshops, training, seminars and conferences.
  • To create research scholars by facilitating  research on the languages of Chitral and region
  • To create reading materials in form of published books on every aspect of Chitrali Culture, society, history, languages and literature.
  • To provide educational and supportive material for the Khowar syllabus for primary level in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Our Vision

To preserve and promote the languages of Hindukush regions

Our Mission

To build capacity of language researchers in language documentations