جامعہ چترال میں 'ادب ، ثقافت اور ہم' کے عنوان سے سیمینار کا انعقاد۔

جامعہ چترال میں ایک سیمیناربعنوان “ادب ، ثقافت اور ہم” منعقد کیا گیا جس میں مایہ ناز ادیب اور اکیڈمی آف لیٹرزسندھ کے چیرمین ڈاکٹر قاسم بگھیو اور ممتاز مفکر، ثقافتی ماہراور مصنف عکسی مفتی نے خطاب کیا۔ مذکورہ سیمینارمیں جامعہ کے طلبہ و طالبات اور فیکلٹی ممبران کے علاوہ ادب سے شغف رکھنے والے کثیر تعداد میں مقامی افراد نے شرکت کیا۔


University of Chitral organized a one-day seminar with the theme of 'Interfaith Harmony'.

The purpose of the seminar was to promote social and religious understanding among different religious groups in Chitral. Scholars and representatives of the different school of thought addressed the session.
Guest speakers on the occasion were Dr. Iqbal, Sahibuddin(principal commerce college), Maulana Salamat Ullah, Maulana Hussain, Haji Maghfirat Shah
Prof Dr. Badshah Munir Bukhari (Project Director UOCH) and Prof.Dr Zia Ul Haq also addressed the gathering.


A two-day workshop on 'Thematic Research' organized by Department of Sociology, UOCH.

A two-day workshop on “Thematic Research” organized by Department of Sociology, the University of Chitral in progress in the auditorium University of Chitral.
Dr.Arab Naz(professor of sociology, University of Malakand)is supervising the workshop. The basic theme of the workshop is to discuss and put into practice the objectives of the thematic research.

Dated; 09-05-2018

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Department of Political science, University of Chitral organized a one-day seminar on CPEC .

Department of Political science, University of Chitral organized a one-day seminar on “CPEC and regional connectivity and strategic importance of Chitral in view of CPEC”.
Guest speaker on the occasion was Mr.Muhammad Ismail from ICIMOD Nepal who came all the way from Nepal to attend the seminar. He shared his rich experience with students and audience.

Dated: 08-05-2018


Business festival in progress in University of Chitral Campus.

This festival is organized by Department of Management Sciences, University of Chitral. This event is basically designed to enhance the entrepreneurial and Management skills of students and apply the same in a business environment.
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