A delegation of Chinese Professors from Lanzhu University and Gansu Agriculture University, led by world renown researcher, Pro. Dr. Long Ruijun visit University of Chitral

Prof. Dr. Long Ruijun, Theme Leader, Ecosystems Services, is an ecological and pastoral specialist with over 30 years of experience in educating, researching, managing, and implementing aspects of integrated ecosystem management and sustainable pastoralism development in the Asian high mountain regions. He served as a Distinguished Professor and Director of Research at Lanzhou University, China and still supervises a number of Ph.D. Scholars from around the world at Lanzhou University. He held the national chairs of the National Undergraduate Education Steering Committee of Grassland Science and the National Professional Master Training Steering Committee of Grassland Science in China. 

The purpose of Dr. Ruijun’s visit is to study possible areas of research in yak farming, domestic animal farming, fodder management, high altitude crops, ecosystem, and climate change. During his visit, the honorable Project Director Prof. Dr. Badshah Munir Bukhari briefed the delegate about the importance of district Chitral, its flora and fauna and how the university is contributing in building a research culture. Both institutes have agreed on possible student and faculty exchange programs, joint research, scientific laboratory development, research conferences, and other research fellowship programs. Academic Director, Dr. Zia ul Haq, Director International Relations Office, Mr. Mansoor Ullah Baig, In-Charge Climate Change Study Center, Mr. Hafeez Ullah, and In-Charge Ecosystem Research Cell, Mr. Fathul Bari were also present at the meeting.

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