Chief Proctor Office

Rules and Regulations

The Disciplinary Rules and Regulations University of Chitral (2018)

Subsequent upon the recommendations of the honorable members of the Proctorial Board, the disciplinary rules and regulations for the University of Chitral are hereby amended which are to be obeyed in letter and spirit by all. Any violation of the code of conduct and breach of the rules or regulations by any student shall be considered as an act of indiscipline and will be subject to strict disciplinary action.

  1. Discipline in the premises of the Campus:
  • Display of University Identity Cards in the Campus is mandatory for every student.
  • Unethical, nefarious and immoral activities/ practices /gossips/ gestures or conversations are strictly not allowed.
  • The students are strictly forbidden to involve in any illegal activities in the university. Apart from that, instigating other students against the interest of the university is strictly forbidden.
  • Male students are not supposed to sit in the areas and places reserved for female students.
  • Misbehavior with anyone is not acceptable at all.
  • During university hours the female students will have to take permission in writing, from the respective in-charge of their departments before leaving the University. The in-charge of the department is asked to get a copy of the National Identity Card of the person, with whom the female students will leave the University. Further, no female student will be allowed to go alone during University/ Class hours.
  • Any jump over and use of boundary walls is strictly forbidden.
  • Outsiders are not allowed to visit the University without their National Identity Card and permission from the University Authority. Guards are directed to ensure the fulfillment of the necessary security requirements.
  1. Classroom Ethics:
  • Students are directed to be in time in their classes.
  • In case the teacher is absent or late, the students are directed to maintain a peaceful classroom environment.
  • Students must not be involved in any political or religious discussions in the classroom.
  • Misbehaving and disobeying the teachers will be tantamount to gross indiscipline.
  • Display of identity cards in the classroom is mandatory.
  • Use of camera mobile phones or any such devices is strictly forbidden in the classrooms.
  • Writing on the walls, chairs and any other property of the University is strongly discouraged.
  1. The Transport:
  • Students are directed to pay special heed to the moral principles while traveling in the university Transport/ Buses. Any student creating disturbance in the university transport will not be allowed to avail the University transport facility.
  • No bus will leave the University before the end of classes.
  • Display of University identity cards is mandatory.
  • Students are strictly prohibited to leave their bus stop and should observe the university bus timings.
  • Music is not allowed in the university transport.
  • Male and Female students are not allowed to share a single seat.
  • Drivers are strictly directed to focus on their duties and not to indulge in other activities which might result in the wastage of students’ precious time.
  1. The University Hostel:
  • Female students are not allowed to leave their hostel without proper permission in writing, from the Hostel Warden. The Warden is asked to get a copy of the Identity Card of the person with whom the student will leave. Moreover, female students are not allowed to visit the departments after the Maghreb.
  • Guests in the Girls’ Hostel and Guest House are not allowed without the permission of the competent authority of the university.
  1. Political and Religious Activities in the Campus:
  • Involvement in any kind of political activity/ Union and Federation is strictly forbidden.
  • The students are directed to respect the religion and ethnicity of each other.
  • The students must not fall into comparative religious discussions.
  1. The Library Ethics:
  • The students must be cooperative with the library staff.
  • Maintain a peaceful study environment in the library.
  • Use of cell phones, irrelevant gossiping, damage of books and other articles is forbidden.
  1. Functions and Programs in the Auditorium
  • During department-specific programs students of other departments are not allowed to make any kind of disturbance.
  • Use of personal cameras and mobile phones are not allowed until made official.
  • Students are directed to observe ethical values in the university functions and seminars.
  1. The Study Tours and Expeditions:
  • All Heads of the Departments are requested to inform the Proctorial Board prior to an event/ tour/ sports or other academic activities.
  • It is mandatory that during any trip/tour, the students must be accompanied by responsible faculty members.
  • Students are directed to maintain discipline and moral values during the trip/tour.
  1. Sport and Playground Activities:
  • Students are directed to show sportsmen spirit inside the ground as a player or outside the ground as a spectator.
  • The students are directed not to use harsh languages to opponent players and abide by the rules of the game.
  • They must show themselves as a real ambassador of the university and take care of the soft image of the institution.
  1. Maintenance of Cleanliness and Environment:
  • Every student is advised to use dustbins.
  • They must not crush flowers, pots and are directed to ensure clean and green university.
  • Writing on the walls, doors, chairs or tables are strictly forbidden and discouraged.
  • Smoking or use of narcotics is strictly forbidden to all.
  • Do use your resources such as the library, computer lab, science labs, and any other available resources instead of roaming around and killing the time.
  • Must maintain pin drop silence in the library and academic domains in the campus.
  • Approach and interact with your teachers and get benefits from them asking their help in the area of their expertise.
  • Damaging, defacing, destroying, tampering with, or taking without authorization the property of the University, property belonging to any student or employee of the University, or property of a visitor on the campus is a severe misconduct and punishable.
  1. Sensitivity to cultural values:
  • Do not sing, dance or act within the premises of the campus. Such a conduct may not be culturally appropriate and may adversely affect the academic activities of the university.
  • Singing, dancing or any other cultural activities are only allowed during co-curricular activities organized under the auspices of the university
  1. Physical Harassment:
  • Do not kick, pull, push others and avoid physical torture to others.
  • Avoid physical abuse, e.g. avoid whipping, paddling, beating, tattooing, branding, and exposure to the elements, or the threat of such behaviors
  • Do not behave in a way that may hurt the emotions feelings personal image and integrity of others
  • Do not behave or act in a way that could result in physical, psychological or emotional deprivation, hurt or harm to others.
  • Do not remain quiet if you have any concern/ problem/ peer pressure. Reach out to concerned people and get the help you need and get your concern or problem addressed
  1. Verbal/ Sexual Harassment
  • Do not be sarcastic to others (laughing at others, labeling the physique, dress, color, size, gait, cast, sect, area, use of ill-words, and other sarcastic comments which may cause defamation to others.
  • Learn and use the names of your fellow students.
  • Do not behave or act in a way that causes disrespect or humiliation to fellow students.
  • Do not minimize/underestimate the identities of your fellows.
  • Do not express personal bias (political, religious, sectarian and communal) when interacting with fellow students.
  • Avoid sectarian, political, religious and other sensitive debates which can initiate conflicts, cause defamation and harm to others.
  1. The Use of Cell Phones/ Social Media:
  • Use of cell phone is strictly forbidden in the classrooms.
  • You can use social media for socialization but do not take a risk by allowing inappropriate content to be available on your page of a social network.
  • You are strictly forbidden to share anything/information on your social page which may damage the image of the University of Chitral.
  1. The Narcotics are banned:
  • Do not engage in the use or possession of alcoholic/ harmful beverages inside the premises of the campus.
  • Remember that the University is a ‘Tobacco Free Zone’.
  1. The Security Related Conducts:
  • Report the doubtful things, people, activities, events, and incidents to the concern officials (Proctorial Board members, student proctors and security guards) of the university.
  • Do not bring firearms, dangerous materials, and prohibited items to the university.
  • Possession, usage or display of firearms, ammunition, explosives or other items that could be used as weapons- sticks, poles, swords, shields, masks, helmets, and Slingshots are strictly forbidden within the campus.
  • Do not show aggressive behavior and avoid the kind of manner that threatens or endangers the health or safety of any student, university employ or the visitor.
  • Any other behavior, event, act of individual student or students which is deemed to be inappropriate in any way will fall under the disciplinary actions.