Call for Entries; Agriculture & Food Production Research Poster Competition dated 24th November 2022

A poster is an important form of communication in both academia and public engagement. Good Posters are attractive, punchy, clear, and effective not only at sharing data but at making an argument. For many students, posters will be their first opportunity to present their work. It is a way for them to share with each other their interesting and valuable work. Therefore, the Directorate of Research, Innovation & Commercialization, University of Chitral has launched the call for entries for the Agriculture and Food Production Research Poster Competition and the call for entries closes on 15th November 2022. The competition is open to all students and faculty members at the University of Chitral. Posters will be displayed in an exhibition at the Lawn of Main Hall, University of Chitral, with an in-person judging session, on 24th November 2022.  The competition will be held from 11:00 am to 03:00 PM that will conclude with the prize competition.

It is open to all the graduate and undergraduate students of the University of Chitral.

1st winner: Rs. 5000/-

2nd winner: Rs. 3000/-

3rd winner: Rs. 2000/-

The aim of this competition is to encourage the students to share their research findings and find
inspiration beyond the areas of specific research interest. Moreover, it also aims to promote
research and innovation among the students of the University of Chitral.
At whatever stage in the research process you are, do take this opportunity to share your work
with others and gain valuable feedback. Researchers will be responsible for copyrights.
For further information on the rules of entry, please see the Guidelines.
Sample poster and Application form are available with Mr. Karim Ali Khan (Administrative
Assistant, Directorate of Research, Innovation & Commercialization, the University of Chitral in
Working Hours). The application form is also available in the download section of the ORIC website.
To enter, please obtain the form and then complete the entry form and submit it to Mr. Karim Ali
Khan. The closing date for the submission of the entry form is now Tuesday 15th November 2022
and you will need to produce your poster by 24th November 2022. Poster size: 3 x 4 feet –Landscape or Portrait. Word limit: up to 300 words.
Good luck with your entry!

Sample of Poster


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