Hosting highest peaks of the Hindu Kush range, the landscape of Chitral has distinct vegetation of its own. The documentation of the unique flora of the region a herbarium has been established by the Department of Botany. The vegetation of Chitral is distinctive in the nature of having Central Asian and Sino-Greek floristic elements and most endemic species recorded ever in Pakistan. This herbarium is the key to provide data about plants on both national and international level. The herbarium has been divided into several sections and comprises more than 2000 dried plant specimens, while the process of collection of more specimens is on the way to make it a more reliable source of information in the region. Researchers from across the country will get benefit from the herbarium during their research in different disciplines of plant science.

Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry lab

As for as the abundance of local medicinal plants are concerned it is important to introduce with the ethnobotanical and pharmaceutical use of them will immensely benefit us. For this purpose, the department of botany has set up a pharmacognosy lab that will aim to facilitate the researcher and students to be familiar with the medicinal plant and their chemical constituents which eventually will be provided to the pharmaceutical companies. In the initial stages department of botany has planted olive plant at university site, Syed Abad that will be handy for the students and a source of generation to the university.

Mycology and Plant Pathology lab

Mycology and plant pathology lab has been put in place with the purpose to highlight the taxonomy of different fungi, symbiotic association and the effects of pathogenic fungi on different plants. The lab contains diverse collections of fungi collected from the different part of Chitral. It aims to facilitate the study of lichens and mycorrhizal association to the students and entertain visitors from different parts of the country. This lab provides a research lab to study mycorrhizal fungi in depth.