Zoology at the University of Chitral is a dynamic and broad discipline that provides opportunities to study how whole organisms develop, function, behave, interact and evolve. It is a student-centered learning community, fulfilling the changing needs of the nation through teaching, research, and service.


The Department aims to be a centre of quality and up-to-date source of education and research which has relevance to local, regional and national needs with a reputation for friendliness, collegiality, environmental and societal responsibility. We also aim to raise awareness of the need to explore, understand and conserve animal diversity.

When it comes to wildlife, Chitral can be truly called a land of diversity. It has a unique status in the Hindu Kush mountain ranges in terms of important wildlife species and protected areas like the Broghil National Park & Chitral Gol National Park along with many conservancies. Department of Zoology University of Chitral, locating in close vicinity to the Chitral Gol National Park and Tooshi-Shasha Conservancy and having access to rest of the wildlife habitats in the region, provides endless opportunities and prospects of research in wildlife biology and ecology. Faculty members of the Department are equipped with advanced skills and techniques in wildlife research. The department has affiliations with organizations of international repute in the field of wildlife conservation and research, like the Snow Leopard Network, WWF-P, Snow Leopard Foundation, Provincial Wildlife Department and many others. These organizations extend their material and financial support for research projects in the field of wildlife & ecology. Our collaborative research activities focus on sustainable management of natural resources in the region.

Our Zoology graduates find diverse employment opportunities in conservation, environmental management, education sector, aquaculture and fisheries, and the National Parks and Wildlife Service.

Currently the Department is offering four years Bachelor’s and two Years Master’s Degree Programs. The Department is looking forward to launching M.Phil/Ph.D programs in near future.