The unique blend of theory and practice of management thoughts, quality teaching, encouragement of critical thinking, a culture of support and visionary leadership will help our students build their personality and achieve rewarding and satisfying career. Apart from financial success, the environment at the Department of Management Sciences, University of Chitral will help groom students’ personalities, be responsible citizens, develop high moral values and most of all, respect “Humanity”


Vision Statement

We envision Department of Management Sciences, UoCh as a leading business school of Pakistan that is dedicated to business educational excellence and transforming students’ mentality and preparing them for business and management challenges and be globally recognized for developing entrepreneurs and business leaders.


We will achieve our vision through dedication, commitment in teaching and research, innovative ideas, experiential learning and by collaborating and linking industry and entrepreneurs with the Department of Management Sciences, University of Chitral.


Mission Statement

We are committed to develop world class business graduates and enterprise leaders who would add value to society. We offer an environment where critical thinking, innovation and research are nurtured which will eventually benefit the students, community, corporate and government alike. Our innovative and intellectual programs will provide life-long learning experience and shape how we do businesses.


Our core values:

  • Dedication and commitment
  • Diversity
  • Humility
  • Academic excellence
  • Research and practicality
  • Productivity with social responsibility


Aims and Objectives

  • To link industry and academia.
  • To respond to the market demands in the field of business and management.
  • To increase diversity in classroom.
  • To provide quality business education.
  • To develop entrepreneurial mindsets among the students.
  • To develop research aptitude.