MSc Zoology


M.Sc. Zoology is designed to meet the challenges presented by the rapidly changing world. Zoology is an interdisciplinary field that involves the scientific learning of all facets of animal life ranging from microscopic single-celled organisms to complex multicellular organisms. Zoology plays an important part in food security, human resource development, environmental conservation, sustainable development and eventually in mitigation of poverty. The aim of the M.Sc. Program is to prepare the students to conduct experiments and projects using scientific methods and instrumentation, and to solve problems in the domain of Zoology so that they may play vital role for the betterment of the country.

Program Objectives

  • To provide theoretical and practical knowledge of Zoological aspects required for professional activities in the field and labs.
  • To develop the spirit to conserve resources and love for nature.
  • To train students with the modern techniques to conduct work related to biodiversity, environment, wild life, water quality and molecular aspects etc. through research based projects.
  • To enhance the skills of the students so that they may be able to disseminate research results through publication and persuasive presentations.
  • To produce qualified researchers, college/school teachers, trainers and consultants in the domain of Zoology.

Admission Eligibility Criteria

Candidates having Bachelor’s degree (14-year education) i.e. B.Sc. 2-year program with Zoology or any other related/ equivalent subject with at least 45% marks in annual system or CGPA of at least 2.00 out of 4 in semester system are eligible to apply.