MA Sociology


Sociology is the intellectual discipline related with methodical, developing and reliable understanding about human groups and product of their group living. Sociology is the study of social life, social change, and the social causes and consequences of human behavior. Since all human behavior is social, few fields have such broad scope and relevance for research, theory, and the application of knowledge. The Department of sociology offers courses leading to BS and Masters in sociology. The Department educates students to significantly study issues associated with the social context, enabling them to understand the structure and dynamics of society. Department’s faculty is all the time energetically concerned with students matters essentially associated with their enhanced learning standards.

Our main objectives are to:

• Develop high quality professionals and behavioral scientists that are committed to pursuit of excellence, and are endowed with vision, courage and dedication.
• Improve academic standard in this region through the generation, assimilation, and dissemination of knowledge.
• Make a significant and meaning-full contribution towards the social and economic betterment of Pakistan through development of these human resources.
• Prepare people of this area to serve as intellectual resource base in this region.