MA English


The MA in English Program is a specially designed master’s course considering the research and pedagogical implications of English in Pakistan and is accredited by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. English as second and official language in Pakistan has gained a much wider significance in the increasingly globalized world. Modern day information-processing and professional education demands from us to improve our knowledge of the language for effective communication in the network economy.

This MA offers a preparation for more responsible positions in language teaching, curriculum and materials design, and further research in the area of language particularly English as it now widely used in mass media, technology and everyday communication. Areas of bilingualism, second language acquisition, discourse analysis and trans- and digital literacies demand increased awareness and investigation for better acquisition and pedagogy. This MA course also addresses the current need of Learning how to employ computer assisted language learning programmes (CALL), and the use of English in specific discourses (ESP) and which have supplanted the traditional language learning practices. Through its research projects a culture of independent research is encouraged that leads to evidence-based research in the disciplines of English language and linguistics.

Aims and Objectives:

To provide a theoretical background of Applied Linguistics to inform theory and practice.

To develop ability to critically evaluate the bi- and multilingual situations and make sound decisions in research and pedagogy.

To foster skills in students for independent investigation on evidence-based research in the discipline of English language and linguistics.


Eligibility Criteria:

At least 2nd division Bachelor’s Degree from recognized University.