It is really a great honor and opportunity to inform you on this historical day in my life. With a great sense of humbleness and honor, I accept this appointment as the Project Director of University of Chitral.

I wish to extend my deepest respect and thanks to all the stakeholders of this University.

I am truly humbled by the many messages that I received and continue to receive congratulating me as a founder Project Director. These messages have been a source of encouragement; inspiration; and determination to take on the task of establishing University education in Chitral to its vision glory.

It is indeed my prayer and hope that the Almighty God continues to grant me wisdom, good health and knowledge to diligently serve this great institution.

Under my leadership for the period of establishing University of Chitral, all my efforts will be geared toward the building of Chitral’s glory to a University that will be both locally and internationally recognized as:

  • A university that is well governed;
  • A university that promotes modern teaching and learning;
  • A university that is research-driven;
  • A university with a learning and living environment;
  • A university with sufficient and motivated staff; and
  • A university that is financially sustainable.

I accept this appointment well aware of the challenges that University of Chitral is faced with. These include amongst others:

  • Non availability of Funding;
  • Lack of Well educated professional Human resource;
  • Lack of Healthy Environment for academic, research and ethical standards;
  • Non availability of required Physical infrastructure;
  • Political interference;

Overcoming the challenges facing by University of Chitral cannot be the responsibility of the Project Director alone. Therefore, I call upon all of us – academic, administrative and support staff, to work together as a team. Let us be open and honestly communicate to each other for the good of our institution.

Dear Chitralis, for the University of Chitral to achieve its vision of being the leading institution for academic excellence and innovations in Chitral, we need to work together as a team – government; management; staff; students and other stakeholders.

This being a public institution, I have to honestly work closely with the government on all matters effecting our University.

As the Project Director and with God’s blessings as well as wisdom, I am ready together with my team, to promote and construct the name, brand and image of our University.

Prof. Dr. Badshah Munir Bukhari
Project Director
University of Chitral